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Total health for mind and body

We are a dedicated and experienced team of qualified fitness professionals, offering a complete mind and body training experience.

At Hamish Keogh personal fitness training, we want to bring the benefits of healthy living and physical exercise to many more people, improving the lives of the clients we support. We cater for people of all ages and abilities and believe it’s never too late to make beneficial changes to your health and fitness.

Hamish in competition shape, low body fat, looking lean

Hamish in competition shape, low body fat, looking lean

Hamish Keogh PTA.FI.FIT PRO.

Team Leader Hamish Keogh is a personal trainer and lifestyle health and fitness coach with over 28 years experience within the industry. Hamish has excelled in his own sporting achievements, through sheer dedication to training and an ethos that uses positive mental attitude to overcome difficulty.

His clients respond to the encouragement he offers and his down to earth, motivational approach:

  • A member of the Register of Exercise Professionals
  • Black Belt in martial arts (former British Karate Champion)
  • Qualified ABA boxing coach
  • A triathlete who has regularly trained and competed in national/regional/county competitions
  • A competitive natural body builder
Hamish Keogh

Hamish winning the British Karate Championships – taking mind and body to the limit